Press Said Elma Skidded Down The Mountain With The Snowboarder On Top For Her Before Finally Coming To A Stop.

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Doctors put 13 screws in her leg during a five-hour surgery. Elma’s boyfriend, Stu Press, said the snowboarder responsible for the crash needs tostep up. “We would like him to come forward and be an honest person and do the right thing,” Press said. Press and Elma were skiing at Keystone on Monday. The two were headed down their last run of the day on the Haywood Ski Trail when Press said the snowboarder struck Elma. Press said the snowboarder had caught a lip and was airborne when he slammed into Elma. Press said Elma skidded down the mountain with the snowboarder on top for her before finally coming to a stop. “It’s a sinking feeling, especially when you hear her scream, you know she’s hurt. She has a pretty high pain tolerance so when I hear that scream, it’s sickening,” Press said. Press said the snowboarder stuck around for a few minutes, but when he realized the extent of Elma’s injuries, he took off.

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